An escape room is a new challenge that many people undertake which helps them work together and solve clues. A team is placed in an escape room and they need to find clues within the room to accomplish specific tasks. If they can complete the task in a specific amount of time the door to the room will be unlocked and they have completed the challenge. If they are not able to complete the tasks in the period they do not win the game. The game usually lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

The escape room allows two to ten people to work together to solve the puzzles. The escape room is often a fictional location such as a jail or dungeon. If the team can solve all of the puzzles and the room will open in the specified amount of time they may be placed on the leader board. They can have pride in being the fastest team to open the room successfully. There are different themes for the room and people like the challenges of escaping.

Escape rooms are a mixture of haunted houses, scavenger hunts, and other forms of entertainment. The earliest version of the escape room was the True Dungeon. In this game, people had to try to figure their way out of a room by exploring the area around them and solving puzzles. There was also a time limit set for this game. From here the game further evolved with additional challenges.

There are currently over 8,000 escape room adventures all over the world. This industry has seen an increase in business by as much as 148 percent. There are also virtual escape rooms for teams to try if there is no location near them. They will solve puzzles and get out on time in the virtual games too.