In this day and age of technology, finding ways to amuse yourself or your mates isn’t very hard to do. While many folks enjoy playing a new video game, many more are finding themselves looking for ways to have fun outside of their flats. Because of this, the rising star of entertainment is quickly becoming escape rooms. But what exactly is an escape room?

What Are They?

Escape rooms are pretty much what they sound like, though not always quite so simple. They’re set up rooms where you and a group of mates (or strangers) try and figure your way out of. Many of these rooms are puzzle based, meaning you’ll have to do a bit of thinking to get out.

Because many escape rooms are designed around the concept of problem solving, you’ll want to choose your mates wisely and work together to solve the puzzle and escape the room. Depending on where you go, the venue may offer more than one room to escape from. These rooms are usually timed, and force each member of your group to come together to solve the puzzle.

Many people will rent a room with a group of their own mates, as to avoid having to play with strangers. However, if you’d like to have a go alone, many escape rooms will pair you with other singletons, forming a group.

Escape rooms are a fun way to get outside and do something different. They’re great for your brain too, all the while allowing you to have a brilliant time out. Depending on the room, you’ll be faced with different themes, lengths and puzzles, making no two escape rooms really the same. There’s no wonder that escape rooms have quickly become so popular, and will continue to do so at that.

There are a variety of different rooms and locations, so be sure to read up on the different types and themes before going. However, it can’t hurt to do more than one!