An escape room which is also referred to as an escape game is typically a type of game in which a team of individual’s works together to find out possible clues, conduct puzzle-solving and achieve certain set tasks in more than one room so as to advance and achieve a particular goal or objective in a specified period of time.

Overview of how Escape Room games are played

The escape room players who range mostly between two and ten usually work together. The escape room games are organized in a wide range of locations that are mainly fictional and include the prison cells, space stations, and dungeons. The objectives and obstacles that each player faces usually coincide with the theme used in that particular room.

The escape room games start by having an introduction to the guideline and regulations of the game and how to determine the winner of the game. The introduction should always be brief. It can be done through audio, a video or a game master.

Once the introduction is done, the timer is set and the team of players is given a specific timeline to finish the game. This is usually 45 to 60 minutes. Players are given the chance to explore, make a discovery on clues and puzzles solving during this period of time. This allows them to advance further in the gameplay. The challenges and obstacles in an escape room tend to be more about mental strength rather than physical strength and doesn’t necessarily require one to be strong or fit.

When a team of players gets stuck in a room, there is a system present to enable the individuals to enquire for some hints. The hints are mainly given out via audios, videos, paper or a game master at the escape room.

When the individuals are not able to resolve the puzzles of the game within the given timeline, the particular team of players is automatically informed by the operator of the game and escorted outside the room. On the other hand, when the team of players gets to achieve the goals and objectives within the given timeline, they are automatically considered the winners of the game. Teams that achieve the goals and objectives within the fastest timeline can be put on the leaderboard for their record.(Escape room)

Best tips for Escape Room games

The following are some of the best tips that one can use to effectively achieve the goals and objectives of any escape room game;

Get into the game as soon as the timer is set.

Search through the room thoroughly for any clues or gameplay.

Don’t spend too much time on one puzzle.

Once you find something, shout it out to other team players.

Try everything you find in an escape room and also listen to everyone.

Don’t overthink on any puzzle

Organize your objects well

Always ask for hints when stuck.

Escape room games are known to be fun and enjoyable for each and every individual. During one’s free time it is important to refresh the mind with the escape room games. However, the safety and security of the players should be put in mind first. (leicester escape room)