SEO Auditing Your Website

How To Do An SEO Audit

The word audit is usually used during the tax season. However, it will be used in this case on your website and it is something that is very helpful and important. You need to audit your website sometimes so therefore SEO Audits are good and they are not scary at all. SEO Audits are a very good thing and you really need it for your website to survive.

Internet-MarketingI know your question now is what is an SEO Audit or why do I need one Well an SEO Audit is: a way for you to tell how far your SEO service has taken you so far. Without, an SEO Audit you can not tell how well the search engines are finding your website using your key words. When you are performing an SEO Audit it will take a while to complete it. If your website is huge it can take you a few days to complete your SEO Audits. So be prepared to wait a long time for your website to be completed.

Before you perform an SEO Audit you will need to crawl your website. When you crawl your website you are checking to see if there are any parts of your website not showing up in the search engines. Therefore, when you crawl your website it is very important that you complete it so you will know what parts of your website is not showing up and you will also know if they are not ranking well to. If they are not ranking well it will give you the chance to change it. And once you change it your website may get a better ranking.

Step one is to analyze your accessibility and to analyze your index ability. You need to do this and you do this by analyzing robots. Txt and you check your 404 errors and the redirects, you will need to check out the XML site map, the web design/ and the development audit. Lastly you should check and see the amount of pages that are indexed by the search engines.

Step two you will need to analyze the on page rankings. You need to do this because it is important and there are the site URLS, also the page content, also the out bound links, also the meta tags, and also the images, and the java script, etc. So be very careful on this step it is very important. You need all of this in order to SEO Audit your website and to get it in tip top shape.

Step three you will need too analyze your off page ranking. Number and quality of back links, your website position with recognized ranking, and check your presence on the social media. This will help you stay ahead of the competition. This is very important but only if you care about your website.

The last step which is comparing your website to the competition. Now this is a necessary step so you can stay ahead of the competition. Because, they are the reason why you are doing this. It is good to always SEO Audit your website. Many website owners do not do this so therefore if you care you will do it yourself or you can hire a professional to do it for you especially if you are too scared to do it your self.

In conclusion, it is good to find a good SEO Web hosting company. Not all hosting companies are good for SEO Hosting so be careful when you are choosing one. Class-C SEO Hosting is good too. So pay close attention when you are SEO Auditing your website and if you are serious about the competition.